Intech Additive Solutions Presents Additively Manufactured Flow Reactor System in Frankfurt

Intech Additive Solutions presents India’s first Additively Manufactured Flow Reactor System for the Pharma Industry during ACHEMA 2022, Frankfurt

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Intech Additive Solutions, India’s leading Metal 3D Printing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), announces the launch of their Flow Reactor System. This new paradigm is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers for it is much more compact and safer than conventional equipment. The underlying technology is revolutionizing the industry by enabling manufacturers to develop, scale up and implement continuous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing processes within shorter periods, in smaller facilities, and under safer conditions.

The principle of flow chemistry aims to achieve process intensification by performing chemical reactions in a ‘continuous flow reactor’ as opposed to a traditional batch reactor. The benefits of adopting a flow reactor system are the reduction in time, cost and energy consumption. Intech’s robust process skids, meticulously integrated with a selection of high-end components, are a manufacturing powerhouse. The 3D printed flow reactors at the heart of it can be customized for any unit depending on the volume, heat, and mass transfer efficiency, and operating conditions required for the chemical reaction.

According to a report by Grand View Research in 2022, the Global Flow Chemistry Market was estimated at $1.45 B in 2021 and is expected to reach $3.75 B by 2030. This low-cost, high-throughput manufacturing system offers a sustainable, efficient, and environment-friendly alternative for companies looking to optimize drug development and reduce time to market. Through this innovation, Intech hopes to accelerate the uptake of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Digital Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical & Speciality Chemical Industries.

“Understanding the AM landscape and having a thorough awareness of it has always been one of our strengths. Through our design, hardware, and engineering expertise, we could add value to the pharmaceutical industry through this flow reactor system. With dedicated research and development, we could design and manufacture a path-breaking product that boosts productivity, decreases operating costs, simplifies thermal management, increases safety, and reduces waste. We look forward to transforming the manufacturing landscape of this industry by offering compact, compatible & customizable Flow Reactor Systems globally.” says Mr Sridhar Balaram, Founder and CEO of Intech Additive Solutions.

Additive Manufacturing has created new opportunities and transformed business models and production techniques across various industries. It has pioneered the path for recognizing the limitations of existing manufacturing processes, addressing them with 3D printed flow reactors, and improving its efficiency through innovative design and engineering. Combining the knowledge of automation and system integration with Intech’s expertise in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) brings forth a complete one-stop solution for flow chemistry.

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