India & Malaysia Should Work More Closely

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India and Malaysia should work closely to enhance bilateral trade ties as sectors of Rubber and Palm Oil offers huge potential, said Teresa Kok, Malaysia’s Primary Industries Minister.

Addressing at a press conference here, the Malaysian Minister said she discussed issues related to palm oil and rubber trade in her meeting with Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal.

“Malaysia is a founding member of the WTO (World Trade Organisation). We propose free trade and thus we need to work closely so that there can be closer trade ties between India and Malaysia”, she said.

Kok also highlighted the significant potential growth for growth in India-Malaysia rubber trade due to India’s rapidly expanding healthcare sector.

“As the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of high-quality medical gloves, we have garnered solid knowledge and experience in producing medical gloves”, she added.

Moreover, speaking at the seminar the minister said that trade in rubber products has already increased remarkably over the years and apart  from promoting gloves, they also want to reach out to healthcare workers and share their knowledge on the importance of proper selection and usage of medical gloves to control the transmission of infectious diseases.

“Prospects of various products in India is tremendous as economy of India grows and also its awareness of healthcare,” said Chik Chan Chee, chairman of the Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council.

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