IG International and The Fresh Connection Join Forces to Export Fresh Produce from India to Global Consumers

This partnership aims to expand the availability of premium-quality fresh fruits and vegetables from India to new and existing export markets.

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IG International, a family-driven business focused on taking Indian produce to the forefront of global consumer recognition, and The Fresh Connection, a leading exporter of high-quality fresh produce to international markets, are pleased to announce the signing of a joint venture. This partnership aims to expand the availability of premium-quality fresh fruits and vegetables from India to new and existing export markets.

India, renowned for its rich agricultural heritage, is blessed with diverse climatic conditions that favor the cultivation of a wide range of fruits and vegetables. IG International, together with The Fresh Connection, are working together to harness India’s agricultural potential and deliver farm-fresh produce to discerning customers around the world.

This new collaboration builds on the existing trading relationship between IG International and The Fresh Connection and represents an exciting milestone for both as it expands the reach of Indian grown proprietary varieties, across a number of commodities, to an extensive network of customers around the world.

The joint venture will focus on leveraging its combined vertical integration capabilities. Through a combination of IG’s plant sciences expertise, nurseries, exciting varieties of intellectually protected fruit and vegetables, new and efficient storage facilities, and extensive logistics and shipping, with The Fresh Connection’s market-leading export arm and global presence, the venture aims to bring consumers around the world a new experience of what India fruits and vegetables can bring.

Lastly, IG International and The Fresh Connection share a common commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing food waste. This collaboration will enable Indian farmers to access international markets, providing them with fair trade opportunities and empowering local communities.

Tarun Arora, Director, Single Family Office, IG International, commented, “By joining forces with The Fresh Connection, we aim to connect Indian produce with global consumers, fostering economic growth for our communities, supporting sustainable practices in all we do, and take the perception of “Indian grown” to a whole new level.

Speaking about the joint venture, Hank Miller, CEO of The Fresh Connection, said, “”We are thrilled to partner with IG to bring the bounty of Indian agriculture to consumers around the world. This collaboration combines expertise in cultivating premium-quality produce through complete and complex vertical integration. From plant science and breeding, nursery operations, exciting varieties of fruit and vegetables, new cold storages, and efficient logistics, all flowing into a world class customer base we see this as a very special opportunity.

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