How Mitsubishi Electric’s Machine Room Less Elevators Are Contributing To The Environment

Elevator systems have evolved to be more efficient and effective as we progress towards newer technologies. Here is an article by Mr. K. Suresh, Deputy Managing Director, Mitsubishi Elevator India Pvt. Ltd.

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Mr. K. Suresh, Mitsubishi Elavator

Elevators have eased the living style of humans in a variety of ways since their invention. Availability of elevators at almost every residence and office has paved away the challenges like inconvenience and delays during urgency. Elevator systems have evolved to be more efficient and effective as we progress towards newer technologies. 

India is a developing country. It is heading towards its industrialization and urbanization process and hence it also looks up for national concerns about energy efficiency, pollution, and climate change.  According to Money Control, “Over the last eight years, per capita electricity consumption has reported consistent growth from 914 kWh in 2012-13 to 1208 kWh in the last fiscal, an increase of 32% as per the official data”. Demand was merely 16 kWh at the time of India’s independence in 1947. Thus, as we are progressing towards the concept of greener India, we need to be devoted towards renewable sources, start using sustainable products and focusing more on energy saving resources.

With buildings responsible for 40%of the world’s energy consumption, new elevator technologies are capable of saving energy by up to 27%while increasing usable floor space by up to 30%. For some cases elevators are the key element contributing to energy self-sufficiency in buildings. Elevators play a major role in building automation of a project. They come with an essential feature that plays a part in the whole automation of the building project.

Looking into this scenario where elevators play a major role in our standard of living, Mitsubishi Electric came up with the solution “Machine Room Less elevators” which provides you the elevator systems that can be controlled and used in a more efficient and sustainable way.

MRL Elevator System: An Overview

Machine room-less (MRL) elevator does not require a separate unit above the hoistway, to house the elevator's motor. Instead, the motor is designed to be embedded directly into the elevator's hoistway at the top of the shaft. Mitsubishi Electric MRL elevators may appear to be just like any other elevator at the first glance, but they are actually equipped with enhanced features and operate using a permanent magnet motor (PM), which eliminates the need for a separate machine room in elevators. Although, the first model of the MRL systems was created in 1996, it has become famous only in recent years. The elevator design has helped in saving space of the Machine Room and have majorly benefited mid-sized buildings.

Here is how Mitsubishi Electric’s Machine Room Less Elevators are contributing to the Environment (Energy Saving):

Elevators without a machine room save a lot of energy compared to Geared Motor. They use 70-80% less energy in real-time applications, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Regenerative Converter (PCNV)

Elevators travel using power from a power source (powered operation); however, when elevators travel down with a heavy car load or travels up  with a light car load (regenerative operation), the traction machine acts as a power generator. Although most of the power generated by traction machines during its operation is lost as heat, the regenerative converter transmits the power back to the distribution transformer and feeds it into the building's electrical network along with electricity from the power supply. When compared to a similar elevator without a regenerative converter, this system can save up to 35% of energy. 

The regenerative converter also has the effect of lowering harmonic currents.

  • Allocation Control – Energy-saving Operation (ESO-W)

This system selects an elevator from a group that balances the best operational efficiency and energy consumption. During peak hours, operational efficiency is prioritised, while energy efficiency is prioritised during non-peak hours. This system allows building owners to save energy costs without sacrificing passenger convenience by reducing energy consumption up to 10% in comparison to our conventional elevator systems.

  • Light Emitting Diodes

LEDs are used in ceiling lights and hall lanterns to boost the building's overall energy efficiency. Furthermore, a long service life eliminates the need for lamp replacement on a regular basis.

  • Auto-Shutdown of the Car Fan (CFO-A) & Automatic Shutdown of the car lights (CLO-A)

If there are no calls for a certain amount of time, the car ventilation fan and lighting will turn off to save energy.

Benefits of using MRL Elevator Systems:

Machine room-less elevators will be far more beneficial in Low & Mid-rise corporate, commercial, or residential buildings because they are not only space-saving but also cost-effective in terms of operation. They make it simple to overcome common construction challenges. MRL elevators have a number of key advantages, including: –

  • Lesser usage of space:

The fact that MRL units do not require a separate machine room in the elevator to install the motor saves a significant amount of space. As a result, architects and designers have the freedom to design and use the extra space according to their preferences.

  • Suitable for small and medium-sized structures:

Traditional elevators are often out of equation when it comes to small and mid-sized buildings due to design constraints. MRL elevators come to the rescue in this situation. They are designed keeping in mind the space constraints and the limitations that come along with small and mid-sized buildings. 

  • They offer Noiseless Operation

One of the main benefit of Machine Room Less elevators is that they provide a quieter ride for passengers. They operate at a noise level of 50-55 decibels and have a significantly noiseless operation.

Types of Mitsubishi Electric’s MRL Elevators:

Mitsubishi Electric has been a leader in vertical transportation sector, with a wide range of elevators and escalators to back it up. The brand offers a variety of elevator systems that are designed to provide ease and comfort of movement, as well as quiet operation and low maintenance costs.

Mitsubishi Electric MRL elevator systems are available in different design types aimed at a variety of industry verticals, including the following: –

1) ELENESSA: A MRL elevator with a large capacity for medium-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, stations, and private residences.

2) NEXIEZ-MRL: A passenger elevator designed for medium-rise buildings, commercial and residential buildings, and hospitals.

3) NEXIEZ-S: This MRL system is ideal for residential buildings, small offices, and private residences.

4) NEXIEZ LITE-MRL: A passenger elevator designed for medium-rise buildings, Residential & commercial buildings

5) DeLITE: A Passenger elevator designed for low rise, Residential & Commercial buildings.

As we are moving towards a sustainable India and advancement in technologies, we have started operating efficient and renewable sources. In the same line, we have elevator systems that are in a bid to be more efficient and effective. Mitsubishi Electric provides different types of elevator systems that provide a smooth experience and ease of mobility while also reducing maintenance costs.

Machine Room Less elevator systems offered by Mitsubishi Electric India, are smarter and smoother than the traditional hydraulic or geared traction elevators. Although, they are new in elevator market, Mitsubishi Electric MRL elevators are gradually making their way into vertical transportation sector of India.

Mitsubishi Electric’s MRL elevators are safe, offer low cost of installation. They are designed to create your comfort in the most innovative way possible and are energy efficient. The fact that it is preferred by renowned entities in commercial and residential spaces is a testament to how well-designed and utility driven MRL elevators really are!

Therefore, Mitsubishi Electric provides reliable products which ensure best quality and adequate efficiency. Being at the pinnacle in manufacturing industries, it never forgets to work for the benefits of environment. MRL elevators offered by Mitsubishi Electric are one of the best examples in term of saving energy and using sustainable resources.

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