Global Business Solutions Model: Top 10 Challenges

Global business solutions describe the different kinds of organization models like outsourcing, hybrid and automation, and others.

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Global business solutions describe the different kinds of organization models like outsourcing, hybrid and automation, and others. GBS can employ different kinds of levers that depend on the culture of the company, business dynamics, and industry.

Most companies depend on the GBS because it has become a more mature and integrated evolution of the shared services model. GBS models are offering services beyond the transactional function. It is deploying more prominent tools and advanced technology to deliver scalability to businesses.

GBS incorporates different kinds of functions and leverages important business delivery services across all international operations. However, these days global business solution model is also experiencing a lot of challenges. 

The majority of the GBS organizations always operate under the model of conventional shared service that prioritizes cost reduction and the satisfaction of the customer. Let's have a look at the top 10 challenges that are faced by the global solution model in the market.

Challenges Faced by Global Business Solutions

  • Dependency on Conventional Technology

We will find a lot of GBS companies out there that are offering the services. But they are using conventional technology. This has become one of the most important factors that restrict them from providing satisfaction to the customers. Therefore, they will have to use the latest technology that will take overall business operations to the next level. Global Business Services has become the only way to overcome the hurdle. 

  • Errors in the System

A/R teams are continually working with the decentralized systems across different kinds of geographical locations that will never collaborate with other teams to analyze the main cause. Hence, GBS providers should work in bridging this gap.

  • Ensure Effective Services

Global Business Solutions aren't working according to the requirements of consumers. Every company needs a flexible business service structure that will surely respond easily and anywhere in the world through global operations. 

We also know that many GBS providers are offering Call Center Services also. Hence, they need to plan in a way that the services provided by them meet the customers' expectations.

  • Not A Perfect Solution

GBS isn't a perfect solution for a lot of businesses. Global Business Solution cannot offer the best services to several companies. Therefore, they will have to make changes in their model, and after that, they need to create the most prominent strategies that will help others. 

  • Difficulty in Handling Operational Model

GBS Business Solution companies must deploy antique operational models for their A/R processes. They will have to hire the most prominent teams that will take overall businesses to the next level. As per the latest reports, almost 60% of companies depend on cloud-based services. Therefore, GBS will also need to implement important strategies that can improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. 

  • Operational Agility

Operational agility depends on a specific rate at which the workforce always adapts to change. If GBS hires an agile workforce, then it will surely help us in achieving the business objectives in a limited time. GBS leaders should improve operational agility. If they are improving this thing, then they will surely meet the goals of every organization. They need to make changes in their strategies. Like, if they are using more effective and prominent strategies, then they will easily improve the business operations.

  • Save Additional Costs

These days a lot of GBS companies are facing so many complicated problems while creating effective strategies that will help us in saving money. Most of the companies are hiring GBS companies to reduce additional operational costs. It becomes a little bit complicated for General Purpose Operating System to continue managing the units of business that will never deliver the desired objectives of a business. Approximately 50% of the GBS leaders are always concerned related to global business delivery operations.

  • Clear Vision, Mandate & Leadership

The leadership of GBS will require a mandate, a clear vision, and proper strategies. There are different kinds of companies out there that have Profit and Loss (P&L) structures where business unit general managers will always be awarded on the level of P&L. There are different companies out there that have installed the Frameworks or Operating Models.

  • Different Types of Organizational Models

The Global Business Solution is continually describing the different kinds of the organization model. A business will always deliver services, including outsourcing, centers of excellence, and hybrid and automation. GBS should employ different kinds of levers depending on the culture of the company, business dynamics & industry.

  • Work as per Requirements of the Company

GBS companies must work according to the requirements of the company. If they are working according to their requirements, then they can easily take the business to its desired level. They should understand the requirements of the company and then work according to them.

The Conclusion

GBS providers will be able to offer a comprehensive suite of services that also assist the companies in streamlining overall operations. It will improve the efficiencies and will also better serve their consumer regardless of location. It has become an invaluable asset that can improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. 


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