Germany To Formulate Green Energy Ties with India in G7 Summit

Germany is looking for strong partnership on sustainable and green energy and energy transformation with India, said Stephan Grabherr, Deputy Ambassador German Embassy on Tuesday.

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Dr Jitendra Singh, Germany

He inaugurated PV Port at German Embassy amid the presence of other office bearers of the German Embassy. On this occasion, GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) has also given a presentation on the history of PV Port and technical innovation for 'plug n play' solar 'Make in India'.

"This is very flexible; we use it here on embassy ground for plug-in mobile, scooters and feeding in our grids for any emergency purpose. It is very helpful and robust and everyone can put it on their roof and it is accessible here in the Indian market," he said.

Notably, Germany is set to host the G7 summit in June.

"We are looking forward to our strong partnership on sustainable and green energy and energy transformation and this is a traditional partnership we have and we want to expand it and also when PM Modi will go to attend G7 in next month we will talk about renewable energy about ties and energy sustainability," he said.

"We need more renewable energy and we have enhanced our efforts towards it. It might be a very small EV port but it is accessible to all," he added.

He added that India already has good technology here and big companies have highly invested in renewable energy but they are joining forces to move forward and make this planet better that counts on renewable energy.

The PV Port has solar panels on a roof with two benches underneath, it generates energy for employees to charge their mobile phones, e-bikes and e-scooters. It was developed by German GIZ and an Indian company sells it on the Indian Market for profit.

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