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Signals Recognizes Industry Leaders with 2023 AI Revenue Summit Awards

At the 2023 AI Revenue Summit, Signals recognizes outstanding contributions to the AI landscape by presenting the AI Revenue Summit Awards to top industry leaders.

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Signals, a groundbreaking AI Marketing solution, proudly announces the winners of the acclaimed AI Revenue Summit Awards, which were presented at the highly anticipated AI Revenue Summit 2023. This noteworthy event brought together top experts in the industry, featuring speakers Dave Elkington, Jon Miller, Katie Penner, Matt Heinz, and more.

The AI Revenue Awards observed 68 exceptional leaders and AI experts nominated and collected 3,400+ votes. Of all the remarkable nominees, five crowd-voted nominees were recognized and honored in each of four distinct categories.

The award categories and their respective winners are as follows: AI Thought Leader, AI Practitioner, AI Strategist, and AI Engineer. The Thought Leader category celebrates outstanding leaders who are recognized as an authority and influencer in the field of AI. The AI Practitioner category recognizes individuals on the front lines, refining and executing AI efforts with their organization. The AI Strategist category acknowledges professionals who specialize in developing and implementing strategies related to AI and its integration within an organization. Finally, the AI Engineer category pays tribute to leaders who specialize in designing, developing, and implementing new AI and machine learning technologies.  

Signals proudly congratulates the following winners:

AI Thought Leader Award Winners:

  • Ryan Staley, Founder and CEO of Whale Boss
  • Amarpreet Kalkat, Founder and CEO of Humantic AI
  • Zayd Syed Ali, CEO of Valley
  • Debanjan Saha, CEO of DataRobot
  • Sonia Dumas, Founder of Curio Haus

AI Engineer Award Winners:

  • Christopher Narowski, Manager and Technical Support Engineering at Kustomer
  • Pete Egan, Principal Product Manager at Kronologic
  • Eric Nowoslawski, Founder at Growth Engine X
  • Yann LeCun, VP and Chief AI Scientist at Meta
  • Jordan Crawford, Founder of Blueprint

AI Strategist Award Winners:

  • Katie King, CEO of AI in Business
  • Daniel Englebretson, Chief Customer Officer at Khronos
  • Morgan J Ingram, Founder and CEO of Ascension Media Productions
  • Christopher Golec, Founder and CEO of Channel 99
  • Robert Crayton iii, Founder of Jobski

AI Practitioner Award Winners:

  • M. Nadia Vincent, AI and Innovation Executive Advisor and Consultant at Digital Transformation Leaders
  • Zoya Segelbacher, Sales Enablement Manager at Gong
  • Shawn Sease, Head of Partnerships and Coaching at Humantic AI
  • Louis Simmons, Account Specialist and SDR at Demandbase
  • Shaun Struckmann, Manager of Customer Operations at Gong

To learn more about these award winners and view the Summit, visit the official website at

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