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Over 80 Airports Embrace Green Energy Solutions

Airports across the globe are continuously focusing on use of renewable/green energy

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Presently, 86 airports across the country are using green energy out of which share of green energy in airport’s total energy consumption is 100% for 55 airports. List of these airports is at Annexure.

However, use of conventional sources of energy is the prime source of carbon emission at airports and thus replacing non-renewable energy with green energy helps in reducing the carbon footprint of the airport. Therefore, MoCA has advised all the operational airports with scheduled operations and developers of the upcoming Greenfield Airports to work towards achieving Carbon Neutrality & Net Zero which inter-alia includes use of green energy.

Airports across the globe are continuously focusing on use of renewable/green energy. As per the Accreditation programme of the Airports Council International (ACI), airports like Heathrow, Bristol & London Gatwick in United Kingdom (UK), Amsterdam in Netherland, Athens in Greece, Oslo in Norway, Brussels in Belgium, Budapest in Hungary, Copenhagen in Denmark, San Diego in United States, Vancouver in Canada, Sharjah in United Arab Emirates etc. have achieved Carbon Neutrality by using a series of measures which also include use of green/renewable energy.

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