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‘Building Systems & Processes to Excel, Rather Than Seeking Disruption’

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In today’s world, the buzzing trend of “DISRUPTION” is the key factor for business. entrepreneurs are trying to disrupt the market and in their quest for innovation they lose focus on creation. “Creation is the single most biggest attribute for an entrepreneur, it is all about creating right product or services which your client or customer needs the most,” giving such interesting valuable insight, leadership and management guru Dr. Vivek Bindra stated this in an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet.

Mr. Bindra is a well known speaker and an acknowledged management mentor.

The edited excerpts:

Faiz Askari: How did you started offering trainings?

Dr. Vivek Bindra: I was always inclined towards giving from the very beginning, so training hit the right chord with me. More one gives more he gets back with time. So from a very early stage of my career I started off as a trainer and have been associated with many non-profit organizations to build my understanding of various aspects of life.

What are you trying to achieve out of your venture?

We have been regularly helping SME’s, entrepreneurs to find solutions to their specific set of problems. The problems range from sales growth, expansion, employee engagement, employee motivation or retention etc. However, our main objective is to bring the best of the management learning’s to the masses in India so that they can get benefited out of it. We have created a free learning university and are uploading the best videos on management principles on our YouTube channel so that even the under privileged can make the most out of it and with time when the management courses from the best business schools get out of reach due to rising costs, we should have free learning platform to make our aspiring entrepreneurs reap the benefits out of it without burning a hole in their pockets.

What all things you are doing to engage the masses?

Apart from YouTube videos where we have 7 lakh plus subscribers, we are running programs like LEADERSHIP FUNNEL for people who are seeking solutions to their problems in business. The program is of 180 days with 5 in-person sessions and e-learning material to bring about the desired change. Rest, we keep on doing sessions across the globe for various business houses and communities.

What is the most common thing that you come across when you interact with the business community of India?

We witness lot many issues related to product quality, product positioning, manpower, competition etc. The major issues which we have seen are product positioning due to cheap Chinese products and manpower attrition rates.

Every time I suggest one thing if you are facing competition due to cheap products then find the ways on how your product can add value to your customers goal statement. If your product is marginally costlier but you can tap on to the right sentiment of the customer and be a consultant to his business then you can easily sell the product even at a higher cost. One just need to invoke the sense of trust with the customer to deliver the product to him.

Similarly, one has to understand the employee’s goal so that as an organization we can contribute towards it. The day organization starts recognizing efforts of its employees then it will create a positive atmosphere within the organization which will in turn checks on attrition rate and boosts productivity.


What are the basics to achieve success?

Success has no single formula as it works differently for every individual depending on their issues and the goals they have set. But the basics are similar to every one like

  1. Perseverance
  2. Ability to bounce back
  3. Clarity of vision
  4. Positive attitude

So, how can one stay motivated despite failures?

One has to follow simple steps mentioned below

  1. One needs to create a smart goal and stick to it
  2. Keep the association of right people, they will be important when you try to achieve your goals
  3. Help others linked to your goal, helping team members achieving their goals will help you achieve your goal
  4. Celebrate success to the fullest as it will

Any word of advice for our community?

Goals are not achieved in a day; a persistent approach towards your goal will result in the desired outcome. So defining the goal is a must, post that you need to work on the execution aspect and be very much flexible so that when the time comes you should be able to make the necessary changes without much of a glitch.



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