RISE Hosts a Round Table Conference in Indonesia to Promote Education Synergies

The Round Table in collaboration with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry would focus on industry-academia collaboration, the need for increased research output and the internationalisation of education in both the countries

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India based innovative edtech platform RISE is hosting a high-level round table conference at Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 10th and 11th March 2023, in collaboration with KADIN, the Yogyakarta chapter of the  Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The aim of the conference is to build synergies between both the countries’ higher education ecosystem and focus on the execution of opportunities with the National Education Policy in India &  Indonesia, along with building  a sustainable roadmap for the future of education between both the countries. The conference is being organised following RISE’s participation at the B20- summit 2022 which was hosted in Bali, Indonesia. Currently being hosted by the Indian Government, the G20 summit 2023 edition will have a major focus on skill development and education.

The conference is conceptualised with the objectives of skill development for the youth of both the countries through a series of successful Industry academia partnerships. It also aims to increase the research output and competence to build research output along with Internationalisation of Indian and Indonesian universities. The conference will be attended by key stakeholders of the higher education segments of both the countries as  Vice Chancellors/ Rectors of 15 top universities from both the public and the private sector from each of the countries.  Additionally, CEO’s of five companies across sectors like technology, healthcare, finance, start ups & manufacturing will be key attendees of the conference from India and Indonesia. 40 Rectors or professors of other universities in Yogyakarta will also be attending the round table discussions as audience.

Commenting on the upcoming conference, Mr. Gaurv Bhatia, CEO at RISE, stated, “Both countries have implemented the New Education Policy in 2020 & 2021 respectively to deal with the common challenges in education. These may further be discussed in the B20 and the G20 deliberations, for which the presidency lies with India this year & was with Indonesia last year. Both countries are the world’s fastest growing economies with a young population, and with this in view, skill development is of utmost importance. Given that both countries have been natural partners for centuries, education is a good way of cementing the relationship further. RISE is working towards making education accessible for all, irrespective of geography and this event will help us to support both the governments’ mandates of changing the education policies.”

The 2-day conference will be conducting 3 parallel panel discussions on the topics of Industry Academia collaborations, research output and competence to build research output, and internationalisation of Indian and Indonesian universities. The conference will be followed by white papers that will be derived from the three topics of focus and will be taken up by universities across.

The conference comes in the backdrop of RISE going on a growth spree with both national and international expansion. RISE recently expanded its operations in Bangaluru, and aims to launch its operations in Mumbai as well. Internationally, the platform has expanded its operations in Indonesia and signed MoUs with 6 of the biggest Indonesian Universities namely Universitas MahaSaraswati Denpasar, ITBM, ITB University, University of Amikom, Yogyakarta, and Dhyana Pura University, through its participation in the G20 summit at Bali.


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