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In addition to discussions with SI and VAR, GajShield Infotech was thrilled to have a customised booth space to display its products and solutions.

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GajShield Infotech is a trustworthy network security solutions and data security provider. It recently participated in the Gate ICT Summit, a majestic conference at the Marriott Hotel, Kochi, from 2nd to 4th November 2022. In addition to discussions with SI and VAR, GajShield Infotech was thrilled to have a customised booth space to display its products and solutions. GajShield Infotech had the opportunity of a 90sec smart pitch to familiarise their ICT community partners with the wide-ranging data-driven products and solutions currently offered by GajShield.

The Gates summit provided the participants with a compelling mix of rich content-based sessions. Leading subject matter experts shared market intelligence and insights through data-driven workshops. The Gate ICT Summit focused on the latest trends facing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

The conference was a fantastic opportunity to understand market trends and insights. It also enabled the introduction of new and innovative products to achieve greater efficiency & effectiveness. It provided the channel with a platform to learn about new innovative business models and best practices. It was a great enabler for vendors to expand their channel footprint and improve operational efficiencies. It would go a long way in helping the vendors comprehend market trends and insights, thereby helping them grow revenue and profitability.

GATES is Asia’s largest independent channel mapping organisation, with over 30,000 registered channel partners from high-growth emerging markets across Asia and covering 20 markets with an addressable population of nearly 2.5 billion people. GATES connects technology vendors with channel partners across Asia, empowering businesses through powerful online & offline tools – where opportunities come together through face-to-face meetings, expert insights, executive networking, information exchange and much more.

GajShield’s emphasis on data drives the innovation of cutting-edge softwares, products, and solutions. GajShield’s security solutions deliver in-depth threat intelligence and security know-how. They provide multiple security products and data solutions to manage sophisticated security issues effectively. GajShield’s innovative products have helped safeguard organisations, crucial government facilities, and other enterprise customers.

Mr. Sonit Jain, C.E.O, GajShield Infotech, said, “Gate ICT Summit enabled GajShield Infotech to showcase its cutting-edge software, products, and solutions. GajShield’s meetings with SI & VAR would go a long way in helping us enhance our revenues and product efficiencies. Our SI and VAR networking session emphasised on identifying new customer verticals across the Indian subcontinent. The Gate ICT conference offered fresh insights into the ICT market and helped us comprehend ideas & best practices that can assist us in improving our profitability. GajShield felt energised by gaining insights on expanding our channel footprint. GajShield would continue to be a dedicated industry leader committed to the ICT channel community.”

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