Ground Labs Unveils GLASS Studio for Customized Data Discovery

GLASS Studio makes it easier to design and deploy unique data patterns for Enterprise Recon, the company's premier data management and discovery tool.

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Ground Labs, the leading provider of data discovery solutions, today announces the release of GLASS StudioTM.

GLASS Studio simplifies the creation and deployment of custom data patterns for Enterprise Recon, Ground Labs’ flagship data discovery and management solution.

Using its guided visual builder and no-code interface, GLASS Studio empowers customers and partners to take advantage of Enterprise Recon’s proprietary GLASS TechnologyTM. GLASS Technology enables the rapid, accurate discovery of custom and non-standard data types across on-premise and cloud-based environments and services.

Requiring no coding knowledge, GLASS Studio users can tailor their own data patterns from scratch or modify them from a library of pattern templates. These can be refined with a variety of context rules, checksum validations, boundary rules and exclude/require rules. With its instant test feature, GLASS Studio ensures accurate and error-free customization.

GLASS Studio unlocks the power of Enterprise Recon’s customization features enabling even greater visibility and control of data across the enterprise, whether for compliance, digital transformation or other strategic purpose.

“The release of GLASS Studio marks a new stage for Ground Labs. We are giving customers control of how they search for their own data, allowing them to tailor their data discovery efforts to their own increasingly complex needs,” says Don Kaye, COO and CCO of Ground Labs. “As data protection and privacy regulation mounts around the world, organizations need to be able to discover and protect the growing stores of data quickly, accurately and efficiently.”

GLASS Studio will be generally available from September 5, 2023. Enterprise Recon Pro and Enterprise Recon PII users will be able to take advantage of GLASS Studio’s capabilities from today at no extra cost. For more information, visit, or reach out to

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