AI Startup - Redefines Human-Computer Interaction with Computer Vision Model, a Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence startup, is poised to disrupt the landscape of Work Assistant and how we operate our devices with a groundbreaking new Computer Vision and Reasoning LLM model.

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Oct 24, 2023 12:50 IST
New Update, Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence startup, is poised to disrupt the landscape of Work Assistant and how we operate our devices with a groundbreaking new Computer Vision and Reasoning LLM model.

Traditional AI Assistants like Google's Duet and Microsoft Co-pilot have limitations, particularly when it comes to tasks beyond their own suite of products. While they serve some use cases, the hunt for a true Work Assistant, capable of executing tasks across different software, apps, or websites, remains largely unfulfilled. This breakthrough advancement has the potential to revolutionize the way we use AI in both work and personal use, as well as how we engage with our devices.

BeSuperhuman takes a unique approach by training its AI models on tailored datasets designed to enhance contextual reasoning. This work assistant goes beyond mere task execution, gathering additional information, and simulating scenarios to determine the most optimal actions. The result is an AI capable of operating computers in a human-like manner, aligning with conversational goals and individual user needs. It also adapts seamlessly transitioning between apps to accomplish multi-step workflows.

Generative AI has seen remarkable progress, showcasing promise for numerous use cases. However, BeSuperhuman's introduction of a new Computer Vision model marks a significant step in AI training techniques. This new approach reduces the cost of training AI by up to 70% compared to traditional methods while increasing the accuracy by over 85%. The new AI model has the ability to analyze computer screens and understand user intent, enabling it to work as a co-pilot, assisting users with day-to-day tasks. Users can delegate tasks to this AI, which can execute them with minimal to zero supervision, much like they would delegate to a human associate or personal assistant.

Imagine AI assisting in tasks like creating PowerPoint presentations, generating design options, suggesting colors, and pulling up past design research while you focus on content creation. Picture AI understands your business needs and rapidly generates an ad campaign by identifying trending keywords and composing ad copy. BeSuperhuman envisions this technology as a means to unlock human potential and enhance productivity within our time constraints.

Vision models promise a new approach that offers a new possibility for co-pilots (assistants that work side by side with you) for billions of people spending hours daily on repetitive, non-intelligent tasks. This advancement opens up a world of opportunities for businesses to harness this technology, potentially revolutionizing the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

"We democratize access to human-like AI Work assistants, shaping a future of more efficient & productive work, envisioning possibly condensing of a 4-day week with AI handling repetitive tasks in the future. Our mission is to redefine human potential, making work less hectic without replacing jobs. We've realized reasoning is the key to creating a true Work Assistant. Our AI assistants combine vision and LLM models for contextual modeling and reinforcement learning, allowing them to complete complex tasks across apps and platforms. With robust reasoning, we unlock new possibilities for AI to collaborate with people in their daily lives, enhancing the quality of work for SMEs and Enterprises", said Amit Baradia, Founder,


The company aims to help people be more happy in the workplace. With people spending over 250 billion hours on mundane and repetitive tasks, productivity is taking a hit. BeSuperhuman’s AI Super Assistants hold the potential to unlock over $300 billion in value by automating office work and the need for AI delegation becomes more important, with 65% of employees experiencing burnout from mundane tasks.


Soon, the company will introduce a revolutionary Work assistant named, “Allie”. This AI Assistant will understand natural language, allowing users to delegate tasks, just as one would to a human assistant. This cutting-edge technology will have the power to free up millions of hours currently wasted on manual tasks, enabling individuals and businesses to focus on what truly matters. While Allie is currently in the experimental phase and may not handle highly complex tasks, it continues to make daily progress. The company plans to release beta access more broadly soon.


Furthermore, BeSuperhuman is exploring the B2B2C route to offer its innovative technology to software companies. This allows software providers to leverage BeSuperhuman's tech stack to create customized AI assistants tailored to their unique software, providing valuable assistance to their user base.

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