Aelius Parallel Revolutionising the Personal Care and Wellness Industry

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Post the success of SeaSoul Cosmetics that established a market for harmful chemical-free products, taking a step forward, the team is now ready to bring in the technical know-how to help boost the Indian skincare market via the PL business through its new venture Aelius Parallel Holding Pvt. Ltd. Aelius Parallel Holding Pvt. Ltd (APHL) is the catalyst of a revolutionary change in the skincare/haircare industry through its unique, reliable and environment-friendly products. It is one of the very few WHO (World Health Standards Organization) standardized skincare/haircare manufacturing entity that aims to bring cost-effective and high-quality chemical-free cosmetics, so that end consumers benefit from using authentic products. APHL has had the legacy of being the driving force behind two very young and successful brands- SeaSoul Cosmetics and KeraSoul.

The company was launched in 2018 and the ideology behind the creation of APHL was solely out of the need to create a world standard cosmetics manufacturing unit under Make in India campaign which could cater not just to the growing Indian personal care market but will also be able to attract international buyers putting Indian on the world map as a pioneer quality and cost-effective manufacturing hub.

Speaking about the growth and progress of the company, Sankalp Chopra, CEO & Co-Founder of Aelius Parallel Holding Private Limited envisions that “there are many private label (PL) players in the country today but very few adhere to the W.H.O standardization and a very minuscule out of them attract international market unlike what we see in China. At APHL we want to change this and make India at par with the Chinese market in terms of attracting international business towards private labeling of cosmetics.”

The vision of APHL is to bring the expertise of high quality and cost-effective cosmetics manufacturing especially with unique formulations and products lines which will adhere to its core philosophy of “cruelty-free” and “harmful chemical-free” products which is a common thread, also seen in the sister companies- SeaSoul and KeraSoul.

The company is moving ahead with the plan of expansion and would like to further diversify their production capabilities across more cutting-edge skincare and hair care product line catering to both B2B & B2C markets. In order to achieve the company’s vision, the next evolution will be in introducing more cost-effective personalized skincare-based products and assisting in introducing price barriers which will make cosmetics/skincare/haircare more affordable.

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