6 Places on Earth You Could be One of the Firsts to Step a Foot On

We have a list of some places which are near to impossible to set foot on, and you could be one of the very few to explore these. Put your adventure gears on and check these out.

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Heading to Goa or the Eiffel Tower of Paris or Amsterdam is too mainstream, isn’t it? We understand. Being a gallivanter and not getting the peace in such crowded ‘vacation spots’ is quite frustrating. We have a list of some places which are near to impossible to set foot on, and you could be one of the very few to explore these. Put your adventure gears on and check these out.

1.        North Pole

Sitting in international waters, North Pole basically has no land. It is resting on ice which keeps on shifting and thus making it impossible to establish a household there. The closest land is Canadian territory, Nunavut, but no country owns the North Pole as of now (so now you know Santa isn’t technically American).

But the good news is, you can vacation here. It won’t certainly be a budget trip, but you’ll be literally going to the top of the world, so you can’t expect a pocket-friendly trip. There are different expeditions ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks,and you can opt to travel by air or sail through the Arctic Ocean.

  1. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

The world’s largest cave lies in Central Vietnam in PhongNhaKe Bang National Park. Meaning of its name is ‘mountain cave of Doong’ where Doong is a village. It was found by a local man Ho Khanh in 1991 but was unexplored until recently when it was traversed by the British Cave Research Association in 2009.

Even they couldn’t explore the cave completely as their progression was stopped by a large 60m high wall. However, the wallwas crossed in 2010,and the group reached the end of the cave. It is believed that more people have climbed Mount Everest than have seen the inside of this cave.

  1. GangkharPuensum, Bhutan

Gangkhar Puensum is the highest mountain in Bhutan. It has an elevation of 7570m, lower than Mount Everest (8848m) but is still one of the most unclimbed mountains in the world. Gangkhar Puensum, meaning White Peak of the Three Spiritual Brothers, lies on the border of Bhutan & Tibet.

Four teams have attempted to summit the mountain in 1985 and 1986 but couldn’t succeed. In fact, the first team that made an attemptcouldn’t find the mountain at all because of insufficient mapping details. In 1998 a team successfully climbed its subsidiary peak from Tibet but Gangkhar Puensum is still untouched.

  1. North Sentinel Island, India

 It’s a deadly island. Not because of animals or extreme weather or difficult surviving conditions but because of the tribe that lives there. It is one of the Andaman Islands in Bay of Bengal and is home to a tribe named Sentinelese.

Sentinelese people don’t like any contact from outside world and often respond violently if someone tries to approach them. They are among the last people on earth who are untouched by the modern civilisation. Technically, the island comes under Indian government’s jurisdiction, but they’ve left the island alone respecting the desires of the tribe to remain in isolation.

  1. Vale do Javari, Brazil

Named after Javari River, the Javari Valley is one of the largest indigenous territories of Brazil. The 85444.82 km2 area is home to around 3000 indigenous people.

These people have rejected contact from the outside world and chose to stay in isolation. But these people are not as dangerous as people of North Sentinel Island. Once, in 2009, a helicopter had to make an emergency landing in this area. These people found 9 of the 11 survivors and helped in rescuing them by intimating the authorities. Area wise, Vale do Javari is even bigger than Austria.

6.      South Pole

The southernmost point of the earth is situated on the continent of Antarctica. There are workstations set up at the South Pole, but no one lives there indefinitely. It is colder than the North Pole,and the highest temperature ever recorded here was -12.3o.

Even with such extreme conditions, the station houses not only scientists but medics, cooks, construction workers and even artists. You don’t need any documentation or visa to visit Antarctica but if your cruise halts at other countries, visa& documentation might be required there.

Now that you know the unexplored places on the blue planet take your pick (carefully) and head out. But while you prepare to go on this daring journey, alsoprepare yourself for the journey called life. Life is uncertain,and if you have dependents, it’s vital to secure their future. Moreover, financial security for your dependents is most important, in your absence. Hence comprehend the need for term insurance and buy one at the earliest.

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