Game Changers Award Listing Series

Game Changers Award Listing Series

Every crisis has some positive takeaway. Every challenge can lead to an innovative solution which can be a benchmark. Those catalysts which can make such benchmarks out of a crisis are Game Changers.

In the era of COVID Pandemic, we have witnessed the scale of this crisis. As a media platform, SMEStreet Foundation have realized the importance of motivating those Game Changers who paved this phase with their dedication and professional acumen in emerging as a winner for their organization, society or their business ecosystem. 

SMEStreet GameChangers is an attempt of SMEStreet Foundation to recognize such individual success stories who have made a significant impact in their respective horizons of business. Success stories of successful COVID Warriors while doing something innovative, something constructive in sustaining business will get showcased here. We can refer to these heroes as COVID warriors of sustaining business.

On December 14th, 2020 the prestigious list recipients of Season 1 of SMEStreet GameChangers 2020 include:

  1. Hon’ble Union Minister, MSME & Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt of India, Shri Nitin Gadkari 
  2. Hon’ble Cabinet Minister- Industries & MSME, Uttar Pradesh Govt, Shri Siddharth Nath Singh
  3. Shri Vinai K Saxena, Chairman of KVIC
  4. Shri Arun Kumar Jha, Director General, National Productivity Council
  5. Shri Abhishek Singh, CEO MyGov, MeiYT, Govt of India
  6. Shri Nikhil Arora Managing Director & Vice President, GoDaddy India
  7. Shri Tejas Goenka, Managing Director, Tally Solutions
  8. Shri Ajay Thakur, Head BSE -SME, BSE India
  9. Shri Khalid Wani, Director of Western Digital India.
  10. Dr. Hari Eppanapally, Chairman, Lead India Foundation, NJ, USA

SMEStreet GameChangers 2020

The brief individual profiles of above-listed industry leaders are here.

Shri Nitin Gadkari As SMEStreet GameChanger

Shri Nitin J Gadkari Union Minister-MSME & Road Transport Govt. of INdia, SMEStreetGameChangerNitin J Gadkari Union Minister-MSME & Road Transport Govt. of INdia, SMEStreet GameChangers, SMEStreet, Faiz Askari

Shri Vinai K Saxena As SMEStreet GameChanger

Vinai K Saxena, SMESTreet GameCHangers, KVIC, SMEStreet, Faiz Askari,Vinai K Saxena, SMESTreet GameCHangers, KVIC, SMEStreet, Faiz Askari,

Shri Sidharth Nath Singh as SMEStreet GameChanger

Siddharth Nath Singh, SMEStreet GameChangers, Faiz AskariSiddharth Nath Singh, SMEStreet GameChangers, Faiz Askari,

Shri Arun Kumar Jha as SMEStreet GameChanger


Shri Tejas Goenka as SMEStreet GameChanger 

SMEStreet GameChangers, Tally Solutions, Tejas Goenka, SMESTreet, Faiz Askari

Shri Nikhil Arora as SMEStreet GameChanger

NIkhil Arora, SMESTreet GameCHangersMr. Nikhil Arora, SMEStreetGameChangers, SMEStreet, Faiz Askari

Shri Khalid Wani as SMEStreet GameChanger

Khalid Wani, Western Digital, SMEStreet GameChangersKhalid Wani, Western Digital, SMEStreet GameChangers


With a warm congratulations, we at SMEStreet Foundation are thankful to all the stakeholders of this initiative and the Jury members who made this activity a great successful start. However, by Feb 2021 we will introduce another set of GameChangers List which will complete the season one SMEStreet GameChangers. Click here for more on First the list of Season 1 of SMEStreet GameChangers 2020.

SMEStreet GameChangers 2021 Season #2

As you know, the campaign of SMEStreet GameChangers was started in November 2020 and is gaining great momentum in the form of participation from industry and policymakers. This campaign is gaining a great amount of interest across India as well as across the world among top-level philanthropists and industry leaders. The Indian success story of handling the Pandemic is getting showcased.  So, to participate in this global movement of motivating the motivators, whether you are designated to work in Marketing or IT  or looking after the sales for your respective business, or whether you are driving your enterprise as an entrepreneur, we salute your gesture of contribution in sustaining the business ecosystem.

At  SMEStreet, we invite you to share your’s or your colleague’s or your manager’s profile for making a significant difference in the tough days of COVID-19. The nominations process for this award facilitation to complete the season one of SMEStreet GameChangers is still on, and to nominate your GameChanger, write to  or click here to nominate 

SMEStreet GameChangers has become a platform to motivate and spread the good. With an aim that this GameChanger recognition will inspire Good Factor in others.

Jury Members & Mentors 

Shri S Ravi, Ex-Chairman, BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) is Honorary Chairman of Advisory Board for SMEStreet GameChanger.  Shri Ravi holds decades of experience in high-level financial management activities and runs a Financial Consultancy firm.  Shri Ravi is also one of the Core Founding Mentors of SMEStreet League of Mentors’. 

Shri Faiz Askari, Secretary General of SMEStreet Foundation and Founder & Editor of SMEStreet. A seasoned business journalist and communications professional, Mr Askari has been focused on MSMEs and Technology. He have been associated with leading media organizations of India and have been associated with national and International level forums for Entrepreneurship development. In 2018, Mr Askari was invited to UN Headquarters, New York to particpate in International Summit for UN South-South Cooperation and present his perspective and views on entrepreneurship and skill development in India.  



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