‘Cloud Based Communications and Voice Bots to Drive Customer Engagements’

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On-demand cloud communication/telephony solutions Ozonetel recently launched of its Voice Bot platform. This platform will enable easy development of voice bots for various voice end points i.e. telephony, mobile app, websites and digital assistants. All existing chatbots can effortlessly be ported to the Voice Bot platform. This platform provides a new voice channel for all chatbots.

Developers can easily add voice channel to their chatbot using its existing chatbot code base with Ozonetel Voice Bot platform. This voice bot platform includes advanced features such as speak naturally and instant recognition on the go. This allows for users to speak naturally with pauses, while also providing the fastest recognition in the industry today. With this platform, developers can easily build Google Duplex like functionality for their voice applications. Ozonetel Voice Bot platform also supports digital assistants like Alexa and Google home apps.  In an exclusive Interview with SMEStreet, Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Office, Ozonetel explained many aspects of Voice Bot platform and Ozonetel’s flagship activities.

Please highlight some details regarding the upcoming launch of Ozonetel’s Voice Bot Platform.

This is a one of a kind voice bot platform which allows developers to build voice bots on phones, apps and home assistants like Alexa and Google home. Customers can easily port their existing chat bots into this voice bot platform and enable a voice channel for their bots. The voice bot platform supports natural conversations, instant speech recognition and built in intents for making bot conversations natural.

According to you, voice bots in customer support are becoming strong trend. What are the key drivers of such Growth?

Voice bots solve a major need. Voice bots keep the conversations natural which the customers like and voice bots can handle the mundane repetitive tasks which human agents find boring. So it’s a win win situation. Businesses love this as this brings down their contact center costs and they can invest in superior customer experience.

How Ozonetel’s platforms such as the Voice Bot Platform and KOOKOO platform are transforming customer support?

Conversational IVRs built using the voice bot platform will slash down those long winding IVR menus. A caller simply says why they called and gets connected; self-Service solutions will become the norm. The voice bot can deliver this via the phone or digital assistants like Alexa /Google Home. Call queues will be reduced by 10-20%. Bots will be deployed to answer the FAQs which will free up agent time to focus on other tasks.

What is the road ahead in cloud communication and telephony according to your observations?

Voice recognition will revolutionize interactive voice responses (IVR). Speech analytics will be a default module in cloud communication solutions.

Call centre data will get more valuable than ever. With machine learning creating data driven organizations across industries, contact centres are not far behind. Call centre data accumulated over the years, would become a treasure trove to draw insights on customer behaviour. Smart assistants will be ubiquitous.

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