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Simplifying Complex Designs: GDD

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Simplifying the complex manufacturing process for any product is a tough task. Meet a design consultancy based in Delhi NCR –GDD, which is in the business of designing digital and physical products.

In an exclusive interaction with SMEStreet, Sharad Chauhan, Partner and Chief Designer- Industrial Design at GDD explained this art of simplification by adding,We focus on designing rich, immersive and useful human experiences around products and services. We have continuously used our learning from the big brands to help startups grow and to infuse the work we do for renowned brands with the entrepreneurial spirit.”

The edited excerpts of the interaction:

What is the biggest driver of starting GDD?

GDD was started in 2015 to cater to the needs of Indian manufacturing sector. It has been a common view that Indian products are not standing at par with global standards of design and aesthetics. We wanted to bring our learnings from global leaders to Indian counterparts and making sure the ‘Designed in India’ stands at par with the ‘Make in India‘ motto.

How do you differentiate your organization from other companies?

We work very closely with our clients. Our aim is always to have a longer relationship with our clients so that design becomes an integral part of their system. Clients who want to create a design driven organization resonate with us on a common objective. Design for us is not just the handover of pretty looking data but also sourcing, knowledge transfer and coaching of internal teams.


Who all are your competitors?

At present design consultancies are a few. The notable ones that inspire us are Thinkdesign, Desmania, TataElxsi, Futuring Design.


What are your future plans of GDD?

We are looking to expand our design teams to different parts of the world. Making a mark for ourselves as a global design firm with Indian roots. We aspire to walk in the footsteps of Frog Design, Fuseproject and Ideo.



What are the innovations in the Design space?

The design space is forever innovating. Innovation in the design space is process driven, the Design Thinking methodology helps in achieving new insights and problem for which solutions need to be created. In our view Innovation without a core user insight lacks depth. For the design of physical products, innovation is driven by the use of materials, manufacturing processes and optimization, not negating the need of a core problem area. Amalgamation of digital and physical products is driving about the new era of innovation. It is what is helping us move into the next industrial revolution.



What is the core strength of GDD?

I would say the founding members of GDD are the core strength of the studio. Each has an extensive experience of their specialization. They go beyondjust the management side of running a business and get hands-on with the design process. It is this ability which helps us treat new business and established ventures with the same amount of dedication and agility.


What kind of work you have done for Samsung and Havells?

Samsung and Havells have been strong players in the electronics industry. GDD has provided them product design solutions focusing on product aesthetics and innovation. Our ability to align with their brand language has helped create products that fit intotheir existing product eco system.


Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Five years on we see ourselves focused on product design with a lot more dedication and international talent.

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