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Robotics to MSMEs’ Flagship Schemes: All Under One Roof of Indus-Tech Expo 2019

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Known as a pioneer of Indian industrial revolution, Faridabad hosted a grand exhibition in which it hosted over 350 industries across North India and from across manufacturing segments. Organized by  Dronacharya Events, the 18th edition of the Indus-Tech Expo 2019 have highlighted a cutting edge manufacturing industry’s transformational trend of robotics.

As the media partner for the three-day expo, SMEStreet has participated in the event. The inaugural session was participated by eminent industry associations Manufacturers Association of Faridabad, Faridabad Small Industries Association, Faridabad Industrial Association. The event was inaugurated by Haryana state’s Minister for Industries, Mr. Vipul Goyal and the Guest of Honor of the inaugural event was Development Commissioner, Ministry of MSME, Mr. Ram Mohan Mishra.

Mr. Ram Mohan Mishra presented his vision and action plan for manufacturing industries that the Ministry of MSME, Government of India and while making his special address in the inaugural session of the expo, Mr. Mishra said, “We are committed towards ensuring ease of doing business for MSME entrepreneurs. Manufacturing holds great potential for the economy so as it requires special attention and nurturing. In this respect, we at Ministry of MSME have created an ecosystem of motivation and nurturing of the MSMEs. Entrepreneurs, themselves are taking most valuable participation in making the entire policy framework a successful model for the MSME sector.” Mr. Mishra emphasized on specific MSME centered schemes such as ‘Udyam Saarthi’ and ‘Udyam Sakhi’ where the MSME entrepreneurs are the torch bearers of motivation for other fellow entrepreneurs. “Giving back something worth to the society in the form of mentoring is one of our main achievements. We are managing to facilitate such frame of work through ‘Udyam Saarthi’ and ‘Udyam Sakhi’ schemes. We will continue to make MSME Schemes success through a positive ecosystem of work.”

Mr. Vipul Goyal mentioned the milestones of Haryana State in the area of industrial and MSME development. “In Haryana, we are so proud to have great talent pool in the form of entrepreneurs. As an achievement of our state government we managed to uplift Haryana’s ranking in the rating of ease of doing business. We are now number 3 position in the recent rankings as we have jumped from Number 7 position. The way we are committed to create a positive business ecosystem, we will reach to the top level of ease of doing business, which ultimately means that MSMEs in Haryana state are doing the best work.”

Mr. Ramneek Prabhakar, Gen. secy. MAF  expressed his positive hopes from such events and said, “The forum has made a phenomenal contribution in making Faridabad’s name in the topline of India’s manufacturing domain. We are excited to be part of this event every year and this year as well.”

Mr. Naresh Verma, Past President of MAF and Executive Member of Rotary Club , Faridabad Chapter expressed his views by adding, “We are regularly participating in this show for last many years. This year, the excitement was huge because of sheer number of participated MSMEs. Experiencing new technologies and contemporary trends is a great value that this forum brings to Faridabad.”

The inaugural session was moderated by Faiz Askari, Founder of and he pointed out some developments that have transformed the MSME sector. “MSMEs in India are committed towards achieving growth. Platforms like Indus-Tech Expo are helping them to network and understand the contemporary trends. Knowing Ministry of MSME’s schemes and programs are one of the most important take aways from such events.”

Shakeel Khan, co-founder of Dronacharya Events mentioned that this year’s expo gave his team great motivation by the fact that the participation of MSMEs and audience was much higher. The three day event witnessed over 15 thousand visitors.

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