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ICT Acumen with Entrepreneurial Courage: Meet Satyam of SAP Infra Technologies

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By Faiz Askari, Editor, SMEStreet

Success stories in today’s time are explained and defined in a different way. Todays’ competitive world makes the success parameters even more challenging. But, for some, challenging turf looks to be more lucrative as they are in a real sense are true entrepreneurial success stories.

One such success stories, we at SMEStreet came across a few days ago is about Gurugram based SAP Infra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. While meeting Satyam Sikarwar Director of SAP Infra Technologies, we found all three vital components of a business success story in him these are; spark, determination, and clarity for an opportunity.

Some years ago, Satyam came from a very simple family with absolutely no entrepreneurial or business experience. After coming out from engineering college he made it clear to embark his professional life as an entrepreneur.

Making of an Entrepreneur

It was never so easy to break the comfort zone and embark into something which is totally new, so explaining this turning point of his life Satyam said, “Well, I realized the potential of entrepreneurship. In 2007 I started this business with only 20,000 Rupees and jumped into it. In the initial phase, I started by selling software solutions to SMEs and we focused on selling Tally Software solutions. We left no opportunity and sales lead un-attended and made a good start. In the first year itself, we did the business of around 38 Lacs.”

Initially, for first few years, Satyam worked on the same pattern and his wife supported all his work and gave him the much-needed support which ultimately leads him to a next level success.

The Turning Point

Explaining the turning point of his business, he mentioned, “I was selling software only for initial few years of my business. Then I realized the potential of offering some more to my existing customer base. I explored the hardware domain and found great leads and prospects within my existing base of customers and started getting business on the hardware side as well.” From Laptops, printers to IT networking and cabling, SAPInfra diversified in multiple product lines and evolved as a system integrator.

Started working with brands such as Honeywell, Cisco, Tyco and many others the small company started entering into bigger business. “I started understanding and delivering the solutions as per the requirements of customers. We focus on finding the right solution and implementing the same while ensuring that it may bring best possible value to the customer,” he mentioned.

Key Drivers of Business

A qualified team of professionals, who are well versed in project management and development methodologies and quality procedures is now moving ahead for the bringing best value proposition for the customers. “Gradually from a tiny team to a small team we are now growing exponentially and expanding in the area of bringing best in class people who understands the customers’ IT needs and challenges. Our ability to associate with our customer is the sole driver for our business.”

Trends of Today

While discussing today’s’ technology trends, he emphasized on a segment which is often described as surveillance, structured networking or cabling. “The low voltage networking is becoming an essential need for every infrastructure. Any infrastructure which is getting created is must to have better networking infrastructure which is capable using cutting-edge technologies in the area of video surveillance and much more,” He also said, “Internet of Things (IoT) is also an area where we are closely looking at. We are working in the area of IoT and delivering strong system based integration which ensures best levels of service delivery at the customers’ end.”

Low Voltage Components

Today in almost every infrastructure projects the concept of automation is getting infused. Automation of buildings and industrial processes have become more stringent requirements regarding energy efficiency and changed load conditions are currently having a significant impact on electrical power distribution. The underlying systems such as switches, surveillance camera, networking, cabling needed to be fully capable, efficient and safe from various system downtime threats. “Technologies are evolving, newer and better technologies are coming in and getting introduced to the system day by day. Considering such dynamics the physical layer of the networking plays a vital role in the overall efficiency of ICT components. We work with the client while considering their actual requirement and also examine the scalability element of their respective business,” Satyam concluded.


Faiz Askari

Faiz is a mediapreneur specialised in Small Business and Technology domain.

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