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An Artistic Effort of Market Outreach, Brings Sales: Meet Avenue Growth

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Business outreach is a major area of relevance for growth as it directly proportional to the sales. Entrepreneurs often struggle on this front as they usually end up focusing on many important areas such as product development, team development, market outreach and customer satisfaction etc etc.

In an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Rachit Mathur, Co-founder & CEO, Avenue Growth explained an overall perspective on how brands ideally should explore the art of market outreach with an end objective of increasing sales.

What are the key trends you have experienced in today’s competitive market?

The brands that can reach to their customers at the right place, at the right time and with the right kind of offering will be the winners, This has been the case since long, but today the speed has increased exponentially. The company needs to ramp up fast else the competition will take over if it exists or your competitor will rise like a Phoenix bird out of nowhere and eat into your market. Product/Service monopolies or even a USPs are short lived, competition is fast to imitate and at time innovate over the original offering higher value proposition to the consumer. So to maintain competitive edge brands need to cover their flanks – guard their markets zealously. In other words the brands must reach their consumers before the competition does!

Here Avenue Growth comes to the rescue of brands, be that of any sector, we will provide you the on ground sales force across disparate geographies. The model is fully scalable and instantly actionable from and for any location.

What are the key benefits of Sales optimization as an outsource manner?

Putting in place a sales hierarchy and then running it is expensive and risky. It stretches not just the finances but requires considerable executive time to operate smoothly. Apart from these there is the issue of retaining talent, training and retraining the sales force.

The Avenue Growth not just de-risks the whole process but fast-tracks it. Every brand aspires/strives to be nimble, efficient, effective and profitable and solution like Avenue Growth can go a long way in helping the brand in these areas.

Advantage Brands:

  • No financial burden for geographical expansion of sales operations
  • Pan India presence – No city, town or village is out of reach.
  • Instant deployment – The client company can instantly ramp-up its operations in any part of the country
  • Our technology enables brands to monitor sales, leads, closures on a real time basis.
  • A boon for small and medium sized companies as they can now enter new geographies or initiate product trials in them without ever worrying about the sales talent — their salaries or retention
  • The model is fully scalable according to the need – can be expanded or curtailed any time
  • No headaches of managing people and other related issues with hiring a sales force.
  • Best sales talent at hand – anytime, anywhere


Curated sales professionals

  • Based on the client brief, area of operations, tyoe of product/solutions to be marketed and target customer, Avenue Growth selects the right team Growth Specialists that best fits the requirement.
  • A thorough background check is carried out to verify the credentials like work experience, qualifications, past performace, social profile etc. And each Growth Specialist is internally rated on these parameters.


What is the key Unique offering that you offer to your clients? What are the key business segments that you are targeting ?

Avenue Growth is India’s first Customer Acquisition solution that accelerates growth of brands. The platform offers brands to ramp up their operations, in any location across India instantly and empowers the freelance Growth Specialists (Sales professionals) on making Smart decisions by analyzing clients and their needs resulting in faster closure of sales.

The objective is to provide speedy market access to companies through a scalable sales-force solution. With Avenue Growth no place in India would be inaccessible to any brand/company. You name a place Avenue Growth has a resident sales talent pool in that geography. Brands get access to the best talent pool of on-ground sales force that is fully scalable and ready to go!

The platform enables skilling and provides opportunity to become freelance sales professionals. All training modules are online… technology makes it possible to train and board people from remote locations. This model is extremely popular in developed economies like USA, Germany, UK etc.

  • The Growth Specialists are able to close direct sales in markets across India.
  • Brands can monitor real time progress, sales status and customer growth. We offer a risk free solution for business to grow.
  • A zero risk model, requires no financial commitment from brands. Avenue Growth offers a transactional revenue model where brands pay on successful closure of the sale.

Although we started off at platform catering exclusively to digital/SAAS brands but the queries started pouring in from other sectors like FMCG, Consumer Durables etc. This came as a pleasant surprise and we decided to increase our spread. However technology remains our mainstay but now the Avenue Growth offering is across sectors.


Please share a glimpse about your business. Also let us know your future plans in brief.

By 2020, Avenue Growth plans to on-board more than 1 million Growth Specialist to serve all sectors across the length and breadth of India. Avenue Growth has experienced instant adaption of the concept by brands and free lancers both. Four months into operation we have 12 brands. Some of the clients are Shopify (one the world’s leading DIY platforms), Wydr, The Man Company, Volody among others They have a network of 2500+ freelance sales professionals spread over 205 Indian cities. The company is generating healthy revenues and growing aggressively month on month. We hope the breakeven in the next ten months and earn a profit.


We aim to be a lean organization throughout and keep our overheads low. We are using technology to manage our freelancers and provide brands valuable insights. We want to further strengthen our technology and increase our presence and eventually explore the Asian market.

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