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‘Right Blend of Technology and Marketing Leads to Efficient Digital Marketing’

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In an exclusive interaction with Dhananjay Arora founder of Kwebmaker, SMEStreet’s Faiz Askari found some insightful trends in the digital space. Kwebmaker is India’s leading and award winning Digital agency, established in 1998, Kwebmaker has over 100 employees and over 5000 clients with offices in India, USA, Denmark and Botswana.

Edited excerpts of the interview

How is the digital marketing domain evolving especially after the advent of new age social media and end consumer’s interest in staying digital?

The digital marketing domain has undoubtedly grown and surpassed all the conventional marketing methods which we knew a few years back.  As the internet transcends so does the customers exposure towards the internet and captivating their buying habits, from subscribing to on the go services or maybe buy goods online or perhaps hire a freelancer all via internet?  Potential customers don’t want to spend hours searching or looking for the service; they need the best one at the earliest, and that’s where the digital marketing connects the potential customers, their needs to us, the providers.  Thus the internet is a circle; the customers have various interest and its the right digital marketing approach which can connect the right dots and provide the right services or products to them.

What are the key USPs of your service offerings? Especially considering the fact that there is a

mushrooming in the market?

Kwebmaker combines Technology with Digital marketing. Most agencies are focused on either tech or marketing – Kwebmaker brings them both together with in-house skills for design and development of websites, e-commerce, mobile apps in iOS and Android as well as an in-house digital marketing team that provides seo, sem and social media solutions along with content and video production.

How do you consider critical factors such as crisis management and communication using social media?

Social media is a great tool for crisis management. A company or brand can quickly and directly respond to their customers or clients if there is a crisis to be managed. Recently with the Nirav Modi crisis, the entire Gems and Jewellery industry was in a bit of a turmoil. GJEPC (the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council) is our client and we as an agency used social media effectively to communicate to the markets that Nirav Modi is a one-off case and overall the Gems and Jewellery marketing is a stable, reputed and safe market to bank on.

What is the next level of trends or ways you are foreseeing in this domain, in next one year?

I feel the journey of customers are paramount when we move to the digital age. The user experience and value of money are the loggerheads when it comes to the marketing domain.  Other then that smart content paired with targeting ads for specific reasons will help a brand become more visible and grow.  Most importantly video marketing helps garner more attention and increase traffic along with the growth of the LinkedIn and Instagram platforms and surely leveraging them to help us grow. Use of AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and even AI (artificial intelligence) are the next big innovations in the digital marketing domain.

What are the key challenges that you would like to deal with as an entrepreneur in the digital marketing space?

The main challenge today for any entrepreneur or business is to stay up-to-date and with the times. Technology is forever changing and you have to keep yourself abreast with the new changes in trends and technologies to deliver quick and tangible solutions for your clients.

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