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New Path Breaker of Indian Smartphone Market: iVOOMi

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Ensuring that right technology is equally distributed to all and the benefit reaches everyone in the bell curve from top to bottom, is the need of the hour. It seems that latest entry into Indian smartphone ecosystem iVOOMi has taken up this task in the country. In an conversation with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet and ReviewStreet, Ashwin Bhandari, CEO, iVOOMi India explained a complete overview on the market dynamics and the value iVOOMi is set to offer to the smartphone consumers. “Looking at the Indian Smartphone market flooded with multiple national and international players, we may construe that the industry is self-sufficient and it lacks nowhere,” emphasized Ashwin.

What is the key motivation behind bringing iVOOMi into Indian market?

With its motto to bring the best of technologies that are available in high-end Smartphones to the entry-level segment, iVOOMi wishes to ensure that its target customers get an apt doorway to begin their usage of such devices.

How about the heavy competition in the Indian smartphone market?

Given the fact that we co-exist in a world where Smartphones are synonymous to necessity or essential/basic requirement, it is necessary that everyone possess this instrument. Looking at the Indian Smartphone market bunged up with multiple players, iVOOMi as a brand was able to identify the gaps that could be filled in by an entry level Smartphone which is potent enough to pull off various aspects in a phone like its design and form factor, memory, battery and the screen. It goes without saying that iVOOMi has hit the right chord and its study is absolutely correct.

What are the key attractions with iVOOMI brand?

iVOOMi has entered the Indian market with its Smartphone series called as the ‘ME’ series. It typically looks like a unique value proposition within a range of 4G – VOLTE enabled phones providing long hours of usage and a richer user experience in that price range.

What offerings you make for typical cost conscious Indian consumers who also seek better features in his/her Smartphone?

As a human tendency, we generally budget our requirements to derive value out of all that we spend. These devices can directly cater to such requirements where just at a price point of Rs 4999/, you can get all that you can expect out of a quality Smartphone. These Smartphones offer 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM with the battery as big as 3000mAh. They also offer a fast charge that can help you charge the phone to 100% within two hours. This makes the phone unbeatable in this category and puts it far ahead of its competitors.

What expansion plans you have for the Indian market?

With its experience and legacy of 16 years and R & D centres in China and Hong Kong, iVOOMi has been able to develop an unparalleled proposition in the market and launch such an innovative product. In future, with plans to bring in more SKUs and series lying between the range of Rs 4000 to Rs 10,000, the brand promises to come up with more such lucrative offers for the telecom fraternity and give a boost to the segment as a whole.

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