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Making Legal Simple with Digital Edge: MyAdvo

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Legal is a subject often not very well understood among the entrepreneurs. An innovative startup MyAdvo is trying to add value in this space. MyAdvo is a legal concierge, connecting clients to lawyers. Team MyAdvo has been working on finding ways of integrating technology with law in order to provide legal solutions to corporates, lawyers, law firms and individuals. In an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Ms.  Vasundhara Shankar, Legal Head, explained the potential legal services to Indian SMEs and corporates.

The edited excerpts:

Please elaborate our readers about your company ‘MyADVO’ and the kind of service it provides?

With “Making Legal Simple” being our team’s shibboleth, MyAdvo is here to make every possible legal service deliverance – easy and accessible to one and all! From finding appropriately curated domain expert lawyers to having a document drafted as per your requirement to making products integrating law and technology – Team MyAdvo does it all!

We provide end-to-end litigation support right from connecting our clients to lawyers to updating case details, procuring court orders, following up with lawyers – we help our clients seek justice. Being an IIT-Rourkee alumni founded company, MyAdvo has always been close to technology.

What is the agenda behind doing this ‘Legal Tech Fair 2017’. What do you think would be the outcome of this initiative?

Technology is creating ripples in the Indian Legal world, albeit under covers! With the Legal Tech Fair, 2017 being held on 15th July, 2017 at Lalit New Delhi, Law Pundits and MyAdvo have associated to bring the innovations out in the open! Through discussions on technology in the legal space, opinions on what the next change should be, whats required and need of hour by Legal Legends – will be instrumental in bringing forth a revolution!

How is the response of people belonging to this industry about this Fair?

Considering the fact that the Legal fraternity is much more conventional and cautious with technology, the response we have received for the Legal Tech Fair, 2017 is inspiring! From budding lawyers to seasoned Seniors – everyone has shown keen interest in the event and the response is honestly, overwhelming!

How will the ‘Legal Tech Fair’ become a networking platform for the people of legal fraternity?

Legal Tech Fair, 2017 is a great networking platform for the legal fraternity, technology enthusiasts and like minded innovators! At this point, to meet people who wish to bring technology advancements in the Legal Space – you’ve to hunt them down. Through this event, we’re ensuring all like minded people are under one roof!

With India being the IT hub of the world, it is incumbent that we organise, attend and propagate such events to channelise innovative minds and give them a platform to discuss, ideate and execute their brilliance!

What is the total number of attendees attending the event? Also mention the date, time and venue of the event?

We’re expecting a footfall of around 1000+ people at the Legal Tech Fair, 2017 being held at The Lalit, New Delhi on 15th July, 2017 (Saturday) starting from 9:00 am. It is a full day event with a Legal Tech Conference and an Exhibition of Technology products.

What is your personal view about the ‘Legal Tech Fair’ becoming a successful property in the market? Also let us know your inspiration behind thinking of something like this?

Personally, the Legal Tech Fair, 2017 is a much needed initiative and should be attended by one and all. It touches two topics which interest (should and must) one and all – Law And Technology! Law affects everyone – you, me and another. Technology is the way of the future. Anyone denying that or refusing to accept it, is, well – living in denial!

The Legal Tech Fair, 2017 was actually ideated by Law Pundits CEO Mr. Vishnu Prasad. When we heard about the event, we decided to become a part since technology is integral to MyAdvo’s idea of Making Legal Simple.


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