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Dell Invested USD 20 Billion in R&D and Market Development: Michael Dell at Dell Tech World

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Dell has a strong plan to develop in markets by investing resources since SMEs are part of a market segment which requires a lot of exclusivity and education. As far as Dell’s commitment for the development of the market is concerned, Michael Dell, chairman of Dell Technologies asserted by saying, “We’ve invested more than $20 billion in R&D in the last five years, with 20,000 engineers, scientists, and PhDs enabling your digital future. Our success is a function of deeper, more meaningful engagements and partnerships with all of you by listening, and understanding, and building the solutions that address your future needs. And we’re very grateful for the trust that you place in us.”

While participating in the Dell Technologies World 2019, SMEStreet’s Faiz Askari raised few points pertinent to the SME or the small business segment Mr. Dell further mentioned that Dell as an organization has a very clear understanding of giving best level attention to each and every customer. “Small businesses or the SMEs are an important part of our customer ecosystem. As a company policy we are learned and equipped to give the same level of attention to any small business customer as we give to any large sized customer,” he added.

Commenting on Dell’s focus towards, the fast-growing SME segment, Mr. Michael Dell emphasized by quoting, “Our products and services are designed after understanding the core demands of customers. As of now, Dell has 18 countries in which strategically cater to the SMEs. India is among one of them. In order to develop relevant product and service line to these customers, we spend our resources in understating the local level behaviour of the SME customers. For doing this, we go to small cities, regions just to explore and understand their business issues and how technology can provide them with any solution.”

He also added, “There is one more reason why we focus so much on SMEs, is our understanding of a fact that every large business has started as a small business. On our 35th birthday, we are proud to say that we have a plethora of solutions and service offerings which are designed for every type of customers and from Large sized to small sized businesses have everything.”

“In order to address the needs of SMEs, the solutions have to be localized, hence we invested in understanding the far end of the market. We reached out to SMEs of smaller towns, developing towns in order to get a grip on what exactly can be added as a value to them,” Mr. Dell explained.

While showcasing Dell’s flagship announcements and technologies that are driving the market, He mentioned, “Our aim is to enable customers’ transformation a seamless reality. For example, our Unified Workspace solutions help make customers’ workforce transformation a reality by allowing IT to streamline time-consuming, complex, yet critical tasks with capabilities that provide visibility, insights and automation. The integrated platform allows customers to begin wherever they need the most help – whether it’s in the selection process or deployment or even security or management – and then move to the next priority until they have the full Unified Workspace experience to enable IT and empower workers.”


Faiz Askari

Faiz is a mediapreneur specialised in Small Business and Technology domain.

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