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Customer Connect & Engagement Holds Key in Today’s IT Retail Distribution

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Market outreach is the most important element for the success of any product, brand or service. That’s why in the IT industry it is said that distribution holds key in success. Meet a fast growing IT distribution house in India- Savera Digital India. The company is engaged in distribution of various types of IT products, and is a key distribution market player with a nationwide reach, robust product portfolio and superior service in India. Formed as a local company in 2004, Savera continues its evolution today by striving for excellence with its products and services. In an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Mrs. Sarita Pansari Director of Savera Digital India explained many critical elements and trends of India IT distribution company.

How the consumer mindset is evolving with regards to retail IT buying?

The integrated retail IT buying system helps in boosting the supply chain. It helps the buyer to reach a decision of making a purchase. With so many choices of brands and models available in an organised and systematic manner it helps in providing a clear view to the buyer regarding the selection of right kind of products fitting their requirements.

Online has become a very strong in the IT /IT products sales. How do you look at this aspect?

The online retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic industries which accounts for over 10 % of the country’s GDP. India is the world’s fifth-largest global destination in the retail space. It is seen as a boon for e-commerce business activities and a positive growth driver for the business and the channels have directly or indirectly been benefitted out of it being part of the distribution cycle.

There is a huge change in the buyer preferences over the years.It has become easy for buyers to search for products and compare them online before even speaking to a sales person. Presently, with advanced technology and increased digitisation, buyershave started making direct purchases online via their smartphone, laptop, etc.without even stepping into the traditional distribution system.

According to “Indian Online Retail Market Analysis” report, online retail has been growing in the country at an unprecedented rate. With increasing Internet penetration and broadband availability, growing culture of Smartphones and tablets, people have started buying products online which as a result leads to increased sales.

We believe that selling products to our buyers directly online increases our reach. With an online shopping store, it helps in convenient browsing; increasing profit, saves time as well as increases our reach to various geographical areas in no time. Such system not only helps us in increasing our product sales but provides real time data and analytics about our products and customers providing effective feedback.

What are the key segments that you are targeting for your business?


The major key segments which we are targeting for our business is PC Systems, Storage Systems, Components, Peripherals,Printing&Imaging . We are also continuously working to add more and more products and technologies to our portfolio as per the on-going trend. It is not only beneficial to us, but also it will surely provide better services to our channels & customers as well.


What are the key opportunities in the Digital Products distribution space?

With the introduction of GST, it will surely reduce the average tax rate. By registering for all the states we are catering to, we expect ease in the business processes. Our business will surely be benefited as it will help in eliminating the spurt effects of the present tax structure and will allow free flow of goods and services within our country.

Please share a glimpse about your Go-to-Market strategy?

In order to deliver the unique value proposition of our products to our targeted customers,we focus on enhancing consumer experience to achieve competitive advantage. Also, using both traditional and e-commerce channels to reach our customers who are located in different geographies is one the major concerns which we are working continuously to overcome and make business easier and more profitable.

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