Amazon India Landed into a Fresh Controversy

Amazon India Landed into a Fresh Controversy

American e-commerce giant Amazon showcased a brochure for an event organised by the company had an incorrect map of India.

The brochure for a company event scheduled for earlier this week in Mumbai had an incorrect map of India. It almost instantly sparked a row with people on social media urging those invited for the event to boycott it. Many asked the company to issue a public apology. A spokesperson for Amazon Internet Services later told Economic Times that the matter is being taken seriously. “We are working with our teams to ensure such inadvertent errors are not repeated,” the spokesperson told the newspaper.

This is hardly the first time Amazon has landed itself in a spot of bother in India. In 2017, footmats with Indian national flag prints were for sale on Amazon Canada – leading to a massive outcry. The matter was taken up by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and the Seattle-based company had to not only pull back the product from all its websites but also issue a public apology

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