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    We have a new start up named .

    Surgivisoris an online platform designed to help patients to
    make an informed decision in selecting the right Hospitals & Doctors for
    medical surgeries.

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    Please visit our website, dedicated to promoting prudent financial management among the SMES in India

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    Please visit our website dedicated to promoting prudent financial management among the SMES in India

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    Seed CSR is one of the Leading CSR implementation parnet across India working for MNC Coprorates like Somany , ACC , Yes Bank, Bharat Hotels , Technip , Semcorp , Caterpillar & DHFL.

    It would be great if you can help us in promoting our interventions on your site. We can go in long term parnetship for the same with you people.

    Warm Regards
    Mohit Sharma

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    I was just checking out your site, and was very impressed.
    You guys really do some great work.
    Have you considered adding animated videos or 3D videos to your portofolio?
    My team, located in Israel, helps businesses like yours by creating 60-90 second videos to explain their business at affordable rates with quality that cannot be beaten..
    Want to hear more?
    You can check out our work at
    We are eager to hear back from you!
    Greetings from Jerusalem,
    Lisa Kent

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    Junaid Ahmad Siddiqui 2 years

    Great Website

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    Thanks for given the Information by this blog

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    We are a fin-tech startup

    We are using data science and block chain technology to build our product.

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