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Compliance GateWay for MSMEs

SMEStreet-LexBuddy Compliance GateWay for MSMEs

SMEStreet in association with LexBuddy is excited to introduce Compliance GateWay – an initiative for MSMEs to get best in class legal and compliance information and guidance. Compliance GateWay for MSMEs is aimed to provide Ease of Doing Business for MSME entrepreneurs.

This strategic collaboration is aimed to help MSME entrepreneurs who wish to access specialised information regarding business compliances and legal matters. Through this collaboration, MSMEs, who are seeking expert opinion on any issue related to business compliances or legal matters related to their business activities can access expert advice on’s special segment dedicated to compliance matters –Compliance Gateway.

Key Services Offered:

Business Set-up / Expansion

SMEStreet in Association with Lexbuddy is excited to introduce Compliance GateWay which is a pioneer in providing end to end legal and compliance services for setting up business in any form (Company, LLP and/or Partnership firm) in India. Not only this, SMEStreet also holds a leading position in getting requisite licenses and approvals from various government departments either for setting up a new entity or for expansion of the existing entity in India.


This Compliance GateWay has a team of experienced associates who helps our clients in obtaining various approvals from government departments. Starting from the drafting of requisite data to its submission with the department and getting requisite approval within timelines is what SME Street has proudly earned in its past practice.


A major leg of any organization’s success lies in transparent accounting of its expenses and revenue in its book of accounts. The Initiative is aimed at providing accounting and tax-related services to its client and is currently serving a varied range of industries. The services offered are either rendered online or on-site or deputing an official on-site.

Debt Recovery

Compliance GateWay helps you to get your legal outstanding dues from your customers and vendors, recovered, by way of supporting you before the court of law. We have an array of options to get our client’s recovery by adopting a suitable legal methodology. An illustrative list cover filling of a civil suit, criminal cases and instituting liquidation proceedings

General Compliance Query

We help you to resolve any query on compliances or any notice received from any government department.

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