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Uttar Pradesh Police Department Gets AI Based App Powered by Staqu Technologies

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup Staqu Technologies announced the launch of Trinetra, an AI-based application for the Uttar Pradesh Police Department.

The application digitises and searches records using AI and assists police forces at ground zero with real-time information retrieval during investigations, regular checks, verifications, and at police checkpoints, Staqu said.

“This is the era of incredible technology and we are happy that young ventures like Staqu are deploying their expertise to make this world a safer space,” O P Singh, Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police, said in a statement.

With this application, police personnel can easily register or search for criminals via simple biometric features, such as images or videos.

The app is powered by facial recognition, visual search, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning technologies that work well with low resolution images and videos, Staqu said in a statement.

With AI-powered gang identification technology, Trinetra not only identifies a criminal but also their associates active in different districts and part of the states, it added.

“It is the first police app carrying records of around five lakh criminals that are active in different districts and parts of the state,” the statement added.

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