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KAASSIA With Other Industry Associations Prepare For South India MSME Summit

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The leading southern Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Associations under the leadership of KASSIA are coming together to organize the South India MSME Summit-2019 at Benngaluru in order to project their issues in front of the Government and seek suitable solutions.

Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA) said the objective of the Summit is to discuss key issues with a view of finding solutions to them within a frame work which provides the right environment for their growth and development.

Though the Governments at the Center and the States have a number of policies aimed at improving situation for the benefit of SMEs, most of these policies fail in implementation and remain on paper, the release said.

In a press conference, KASSIA  briefed about South India MSME Summit-2019, being organized at Bengaluru, by the Southern MSME Associations on, 17th January 2019, at 11.00 AM at the KASSIA Auditorium.

MSMEs, especially micro and small enterprises, serve as the backbone of the Indian economy.  Listed under the priority sector, SMEs contribute the largest to job creation, after agriculture.

SMEs account for about 10 to 12% of GDP, 40% of manufacturing output and about 45% of exports from the Country. They play an extremely vital role in providing employment to the unskilled and semi-skilled from the most vulnerable sections of the Society, who otherwise would remain unemployed and may add to social problems.

However, SMEs undergo severe hardships in their functioning which affects their growth and development.

This is largely due to the eco system that prevails and is unfriendly to their growth and development.

The major problems that confront SMEs relates to finance, absence of  good infrastructure, technology issues, marketing, procurement issues, regulatory issues, red tape, harassment and victimization, among others.

A large number of entrepreneurs are expected to be present at the summit along with the representatives of the leading southern associations.

A common memorandum comprising the key issues that need to be addressed by the Government of India and the States will be presented to the Ministers on the occasion.

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