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Rs. 1100 Crores Relief to Workers: Chief Labor Commissioner

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In this current calendar year, a record amount of relief of Rs. 1100 crores given to workers through our conciliation efforts avoiding litigation in courts, informed Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Mr. Anil Kumar Nayak.
We have been able to give a record amount of relief of about Rs. 1100 crores to workers through our conciliation efforts without filling a case through our conciliation efforts, said Mr. Anil Kumar Nayak, Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Ministry of Labour and Employment while inaugurating an ASSOCHAM workshop on Labour code on wages.
Mr. Anil Kumar Nayak said that with proposed Labour Code on Wages 2017, getting consideration in parliament, harmonization will take place in entire labor sector which would be a win-win situation for all stakeholders in this segment.
Mr. Nayak further said, there will now be a facilitator instead of an inspector. He further said that there has been a conscious effort to change the approach to law enforcement.
There is a need to change the public perception of the role and intervention of enforcement agencies. The changes are happening on the ground, said Mr. Nayak.  
He said, last few years, we made conscious attempt to change the way we do enforcement of labor laws. We conduct web-based inspections instead of routine inspections. We do need-based inspections now ‘If there is a need only we will conduct the inspections’. 
The statutory for national minimum wages which were not there in the existing laws and then statutory of revision of minimum wages every five years. In the present law, there is no such provision and it is up to the government to take up the matter and fixed the revised minimum wage but there will be statutory floor level backing for this in the proposed code.  
The objective is to secure compliance to extend benefits to the workers. Our objective is not to punish people but our objective is to secure compliance to give the benefits to the workers and if we do that the objective is achieved. These penal provisions are there for demonstration effect and if they act as a deterrent the objective is achieved, said Chief Labour Commissioner (Central).
The organized sectors are doing good for regular employees. In unorganized sector, they are more or less protected but the problem area is who have contractual workers/ casual workers.
The organization hiring casual workers must give fair wages to their employees.   Employees should also improve their productivity for enhancing the wages.
Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) further highlighted that growth of industry and productivity of workers can ensure higher wages in our country.

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