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A New Job Portal Commences Operations in Delhi/NCR

Sharing is caring! – a unique app & web based startup in the unorganized sector of blue collar job has initiated its operations in Delhi/NCR region.

Lead by Arpit Prakash Mathur, this startup aims to solve the industry-based problems with skilled labor in India. The startup is going to provide location specified jobs to people who are not logged into famous work portals, mostly accessible to educated masses of the country. Job seekers like factory workforce, ITI, guards, electricians, plumbers, house maids etc will be the beneficiaries of their services.

The exclusive venture, works on the gps based systems, which displays both employee and employer requirements on their mobile apps. A job seeker looking for jobs within certain boundaries can see the number of jobs within that area, along with specific requirement and remuneration.  Similarly, an employer can see the type of workforce around him and can hire people according to his need. This works very well for small industries, which require daily labour, on the basis of work load.

Mr. Arpit Prakash Mathur, Founder, said, “We have been trying to solve some basic issues in the unorganized sector of HR as we would like to get the right candidate to get the right job, while helping companies to get the right manpower. The apt manpower can help them to increase their output and augment efficiency. offers to bring more transparency in the system, also contractors can hire through our app solving issues of staffing in SME/MSME sector. The company also aims to provide vocation in disabled category and will be offering its services to people through smses and call backs.

“In India, where 83% of staffing is still unorganized, close to 650million workers working in different roles to make their ends meet, we are just trying to give a platform to bring right skill to the apt occupation. Hopefully, we would be able to solve the migration problem of labour in towns and villages by providing them the jobs in nearby places.” Mr. Mathur added

KaamKaaj will also help people who may need specific training; it will connect such people with Skill Development center near them to promote the skill India mission.

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