Nitin Gadkari Discussed Decarbonization of Transport Sector in Rajya Sabha

Steps taken by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways to adopt electric mobility are explained and highlighted by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha.

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To promote eco-friendly means of transportation and decarbonize the transport sector, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has notified  mass emission standards to introduce alternate fuels viz. blends of ethanol with gasoline ( E-10, E-12, E-15, E-20), flex-fuel (E 85) or (E 100) and Ethanol blend for diesel vehicles (ED 95), Biodiesel, Bio-CNG, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Methanol M15 or M100 and Methanol MD 95,  dual fuel, M85 and DiMethyl Ether (DME or D100), Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle, Hydrogen CNG.

An information update was given by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha.

Further, the steps taken by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways to adopt electric mobility in the country are as under:-

  1. For promotion of electric vehicles, Government has notified GSR 167(E) dated 1st March 2019 for retro-fitment of hybrid electric system or electric kit to vehicles and their compliance standards shall be as per AIS 123.
  1. Government vide G.S.R 749(E) dated 7th August, 2018, has notified  the registration mark for Battery Operated Vehicles to be in Yellow colour on Green background for the transport vehicles and, for all other cases, in White colour on Green background.
  1. Further, the Government, vide S.O. 5333(E) dated 18th  October, 2018, has also granted exemption to the Battery Operated Transport Vehicles and Transport Vehicles running on Ethanol and Methanol fuels from the requirements of permit.
  1. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways,  vide GSR 525(E) dated 2nd August, 2021 has exempted Battery Operated Vehicles from the payment of fees for the purpose of  issue or renewal of registration certificate and assignment of new registration mark.
  1. Ministry has issued an advisory dated 17th July, 2019 to all States and Union Territories regarding incentivisation of electric vehicles and induction of electric vehicles in shared mobility and public transport operations.
  1. The Government has issued an advisory dated 12th August, 2020 to all States and UTs regarding sale and registration of Electric Vehicles without batteries.
  1. The Government has issued an advisory dated 16th June, 2021 to all States and UTs regarding promotion of battery operated vehicles.

As per the third Biennial Update Report submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in February 2021, the total greenhouse gas (GHGs) emission from the transport sector in 2016 was 274.43 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent, which is 9.67% of the total GHG emissions (without LULUCF i.e. Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry) of India. Further, the Government has taken various measures to curtail the CO2 emissions which are mentioned in part (a) of the reply.

The details of current sales of Electric Vehicles (EV) in the country in various segments are annexed.


Details of current sales of Electric Vehicles (EV) in the country in various segments:-

State Name Two Wheeler   Three Wheeler    Four Wheeler     Goods












Constructi on



 OTHER  Grand



Andaman &


Island13081 40   7159
Pradesh14 5     120
Assam72147,041161715   247,947
Bihar5,00359,0791141126   864,241
Chandigarh2981,410182 40   11,931
Chhattisgarh6,4245,3411171,0771  36810013,428
Delhi14,730112,8313,0514939   1,602132,302
Goa1,3142828913362  41,686
Gujarat13,6621,8691,30928278344 267717,593
Haryana7,77718,59518612282  9026,780
Pradesh36816737786   46711
Jammu and          
Kashmir1,4174310643   81,527
Jharkhand2,9618,986139244   5712,171
Karnataka56,73716,4787,2121534411 1,42082,046
Kerala10,2992,1152,5244323 1 1715,022
Ladakh12 5,484      5,496
Maharashtra51,1496,155230851261 60158,815
Manipur8644391    1540
Meghalaya16633     28
Mizoram91421   320
Nagaland44 1213 1 11171
Odisha10,3291,8087521 25 12312,282
Puducherry1,42932124920    1,614
Punjab6,4082,878798352   2110,142
Rajasthan23,44629,63112251 112453,141
Sikkim1 2,4141    92,425
Tamil Nadu44,3024,470131,28137   19350,296
Tripura677,510141    17,593
UT of DNH          
and DD69361532107   277
Pradesh18,295257,159368533272  13276,217
Uttarakhand2,61422,096709110   2125,451
West Bengal2,54040,9486152897 2 6144,291
Grand Total282,542647,18626,3353,0362,03941063974,412966,363



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