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Nalanda Ordinance Factory Gets ISO Certification

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Ordnance Factory Nalanda has got ISO certificate for producing Bi Modular charge System (BMCS) and Nitrocellulose.

The foundation of Ordnance Factory Nalanda was laid down on 14 April 1999 by the then Defence Minister  George Fernandes. In due course, the factory was given its first indent for the production of 50,000 BMCS in 2016-17 by the Indian Army.

BMCS facilitates propelling the munitions fired from 155 mm artillery guns. At present, the factory is producing two variants of BMCS; M 91 and M 92. The M-91 has a range of 7 to 12 kms whereas the M-92 has a range of 13 to 48 kms. Kargil war has enhanced the importance of BMCS as it was extensively used in the artillery guns of the Indian Army.

Production of BMCS is a significant example of the state of the art technology in indigenization. Nalanda Factory is working towards achieving its target of 2 Lakhs module for 2018-19.

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