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India’s Tea Production Saw an Marginal YoY Growth of 1.41 %

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Tea Board has finalised the production of tea in India for 2016-17 and arrived at 1250.49 M Kgs as against 1233.14 M Kgs, which is an increase of 17.35 M kgs (1.41%) as compared to last year. North India production increased substantially in June, September and November as compared to its corresponding period, resulting in increase of production in 2016-17.

The tea production has reached highest ever in Indian Tea Industry.

  • North India production increased by 34.55 M.Kgs (3.43%) of which West Bengal is a major contributor with 27.69M.Kgs (8.40%);
  • South India production decreased by 17.20 M.Kgs (-7.66%) of which Tamil Nadu is a major contributor with 17.82 M.Kgs (-11.03%).


Share of Estate (EF) and Bought Leaf Factory (BLF) production on All India is at 64.94% and 35.06% respectively as compared to 66.15% and 33.85% of corresponding period. Region wise breakup of EF and BLF are given below:-

(in M Kgs)

North India681.87361.241043.1165.3734.63
South India130.2177.17207.3862.7937.21
All India812.08438.411250.4964.9435.06



In order to get the clear production details in respect of Small tea growers, the Board amended the FORM E (under TMCO) with effect from April, 2016 and arrived the all India average of Small Growers share of production at 44.01%.

Region wise production share of Small Growers (SG) and the organised sector (BG) is given below:

(in M Kgs)

North India583.32459.791043.1155.9244.08
South India116.8790.51207.3856.3643.64
All India700.19550.301250.4955.9944.01

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