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Haryana Govt Must Proctively Support MSMEs: MIWA

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With elections underway and polling had just happened in the state of Haryana, the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the state have lots of hope from these polls and expect that whichever government comes to power will focus to boost the sector.

Manmohan Gaind, Vice President Manesar Industries Welfare Association (MIWA) said that whoever comes in power in Haryana, they must give higher support to MSMEs if they want to solve issues faced by MSMEs in the state and help them grow.

”MSME provides opportunities for employments, so they need to give free support to run the industries. Government’s interference should be minimized,” he mentioned.

Explaining further, Gaind said ”I will give an example, four days back, just before diwali, the sales tax office here had issued notices to the bank for recovery from 2008-09  to 2015-16. The recoveries of which some might be correct and some might be wrong. Without investigating properly, notices were served to the industries,” he explained.

”To my knowledge, at least 150 MSME units and their banks have been attached so these kinds of jerky reactions eventually which is very fatal for the MSMEs,” he added.

”They need to have a systematic approach. You can’t treat the MSME and corporate industries in the same law. The same laws have to be enforced in a gentle manner as you do it for the corporates. MSME not running away anywhere, they are going to give whatever is given to them. Of course, they may not have the liquidity in hand. So, these kind of action and reaction from the government get spirited out of the MSME,” he asserted.

”More and more youngsters should become entrepreneurs so that they can at least hire another person other than themselves and upcoming government should encourage youngster to become entrepreneurs so that employment issues will be killed that the state is facing,” he said.

”Agriculture and MSME are the two platforms through which everybody can get a job,” he said while replying to questions on taking MSME contribution from 29 per cent to 50 per cent.

This news information is picked from KNN India.

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