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Globsyn Business School Debuts Issuing Diplomas On Blockchain

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Globsyn Business School (GBS) announced that it is now using Blockchain technology to issue digital diplomas to the students of its postgraduate management programs. The rollout of the diplomas on Blockchain will allow the students and their prospective employers to access the diploma credentials from any geographical location, without any need to send or present physical certificates. GBS has partnered with Mumbai-based Blockchain strategy and applications company Zeonlab for developing its certification management service.
Rahul Dasgupta, Group Director – Globsyn said, “Our deep competencies in technology have helped Globsyn stay ahead of the curve in adopting technology to aid the various systems and processes of an education institution. Following this legacy, GBS is now set to disrupt yet another age-old system of providing paper diplomas to its graduating students.”
All students graduating from post graduate program of GBS will now be able to share the credentials of their diplomas with future employers and higher education institutions around the world without any hassles. They will be granted a private and encrypted digital key linked to their diploma. This digital key effectively reduces the time and hassle of having to go through traditional processes for documentation and verification of academic credentials. The move to Blockchain Technology also warrants the diploma to be tamper-proof and eliminates the possibility of production of a fake diploma.
“The adoption of Blockchain Technology is still in its infancy in the education industry, but we believe it can help make the Indian education system more dependable and trustworthy. We at Globsyn Business School are very excited about the adoption of Blockchain to issue our diplomas and are sure it will be a move that every other education institution adopts soon,” Mr. Dasgupta added.
Blockchain is a decentralised distributed digital ledger, which is collectively maintained by a network of computers. It can be visualized as a large ledger book shared among many people (members) who collectively keep the records. No data on the ledger can be modified by a single person without every other member of the ledger agreeing to the change. Moreover, the ledger book is not stored in one place but is distributed among all the members, ensuring that there is no single person who can tamper with the records, which is highly probable in a centralised database. This makes Blockchain hugely secure and is a technology which is being used extensively in the financial industry.
Globsyn has always paved the way towards adoption of technology in various systems and process of academic delivery to make it more productive and convenient for its different stakeholders. While GBS Direct enables the MBA aspirants have a hassle-free application process into GBS; eGlobsyn is a web 2.0-based LMS portal that operates as a virtual classroom, social network and digital locker for the students. Globsyn SkillsXchange is an invite-only AI-based platform for the corporates to access the database of all GBS students and alumni for hiring of fresh graduates and lateral candidates, giving employers access to a more authentic and relevant pool of candidates than a regular job portal.
Chinmaya Sharma, CEO of Zeonlab said, “Globsyn has always blazed the trail in introducing cutting-edge technologies for improving academic systems and processes, and today it has become India’s first academic institute to move their certificates on Blockchain. Further, Globsyn has joined the league of institutions like the MIT Media Lab who are managing their certificates on Blockchain. We at Zeonlab are thrilled to have played a role in reaching this milestone, by developing a state-of-the-art certificate management service on Blockchain.”
Zeonlab will provide end-to-end management of the service including managing student queries, uploading and managing certification, aiding in placement process for employers to be able to verify student certificates.

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