Bihar’s Shahi Litchi Got Geographical Indication Tag and Became Exclusive Brand

After years of efforts, Bihar’s shahi litchi has finally got the Geographical Indication (GI) tag and has now become an exclusive brand in the market.

The GI registration was done in the name of Litchi Growers Association of Bihar, which had applied for the tag.

Along with the certificate, a map has also been appended in which shahi litchi growing districts namely East Champaran, Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Samastipur and Begusarai have also been highlighted.

Before that, Bihar earned 3 exclusive GI tags for agricultural products namely, Katarni Rice, Zardalu Mango and Magahi Paan.

With one more addition in GI list, the state has now 4 GI tags for their famous agricultural products.

A GI is a name or sign used on certain products which correspond to a specific geographical location or origin such as a town, region, or country.

Its use may act as a certification that the product possesses certain qualities due to its geographical origin.

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