Asus and Reliance Jio Partnered for a Attractive Offer

Asus and Reliance Jio Partnered for a Attractive Offer
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ASUS has now partnered with Reliance Jio to launch the ‘Additional Data Offer’ which by virtue opens up a world of possibilities and grants the users unlimited freedom to access content and information anytime anywhere.

Users can experience the ‘Additional Data Offer’ on Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone Max, Zenfone Live, Zenfone Go 4.5 LTE, Zenfone Go 5.0 LTE, Zenfone Go 5.5 LTE, Zenfone 2, Zenfone 2 Laser, Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5, Zenfone 3S Max, Zenfone 3 Laser, Zenfone 3 Max 5.2, Zenfone 3 Max 5.5, Zenfone Zoom, Zenfone 3 Deluxe, Zenfone 3 Ultra, Zenfone 3 5.2, and Zenfone 3 5.5

The ‘Additional Data Offer’ entitles a Jio Prime subscriber, who purchases any of the following eligible Asus devices from 16th June, 2017 either from online or offline channel.

For More Details and Complete Offer, read here.

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